What to Eliminate

While we are encouraging a meat free month, the good news is that our recipes are also minus a few other ingredients. And that’s great news because there are a number of processed foods that are a detriment to human health.

Consumption of conventional processed foods desensitizes the human body, and creates an unnatural desire for salt, processed sugar, unhealthy oils and enhanced flavors that is significantly out of balance. Re-creating balance, and establishing natural sensitivities to flavors is part of our quest.

Many people think natural vegetables and fruits taste bland! This is far from the truth! Once chemicals and additives are detoxed from our body we can once again taste pure natural flavors.

We are what we eat

These words have been around for a long time. Hippocrates said, Let thy food be thy medicine. Convenience equals compromise, they go hand in hand. From fast food to microwaves, we’ve made less than excellent choices about what is important, our health.

Many people feel that making changes will take additional time and money and our answer to that... you’re worth it. Nothing is more important than your health. Your health is absolutely your greatest wealth. If you could put dollar amounts on lack of energy, missed work or other important events from illnesses, time spent in doctors offices, etc... you’d see that eating healthy is a very wise investment.

Most of our recipes are simple. Cooking is an art, a rich playground of possibilities, and it’s never too late to learn! What is most important is an open mind, positive thoughts and a playful spirit! Your energy definitely makes a difference in the outcome of your food, and how you feel after you eat it!

Here’s what you will not find in any of our daily recipes:

Any meat of any color, including all lunch meats and meat by-products

Fish, shellfish and all seafood products

Sugar, high fructose corn syrups or corn sweeteners

Iodized table salt

Chemical sweeteners, such as Sweet n Low, Equal, Splenda  etc

Deep fried foods of any kind

Dairy products

Processed Gluten products

Any processed food ingredients that have any GMO’s, artificial colors or additives of any kind, hydrogenated oils, or preservatives

Basically, you want to be able to pronounce and know every single ingredient in everything you eat. It’s that simple.

Ideally, support your local farmers and markets whenever possible and strive to buy organic. Many farmers are now going pesticide free. If you don’t see a certified organic sign at your local farmer’s market please ask. Many farmers have not yet become certified organic as it is a process. It’s worth asking and supporting farmers that are in transition with their land.

Your emphasis will be on fresh vegetables and fruits, ideally, consuming a minimum of 50% raw. Please avoid canned products. If you cannot get something fresh, opt for frozen.

Once you pledge to participate on any level, whether it’s sharing about factory farming or making some change to a healthier lifestyle you’ll start getting a daily recipe! We also include interesting nutritional information and tips. You can also email us any questions along the way!

What are you waiting for? Let’s start bringing forth an end to factory farming one choice at a time.  

Let’s Get Started!

A cuisine of pure, unprocessed plant based foods

offers a multiplicity of health benefits while

contributing to a healthier future for you and

our planet.  Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans,

legumes and sea vegetables are a colorful,

nutritious and delicious adventure!

First tip: focus on what you are adding, verses

taking away. Your positive approach is the

foundation to your success. Instead of thinking

about this as a “diet,” think about these changes

as a lifestyle.

One of the benefits of choosing a healthier lifestyle

is that you exercise a “muscle” that is very important, your will. Most people find that exercising their will creates immeasurable strength in many areas of their life. Daily food choices are great opportunities to work out!

Here are a few of the foods that you will be emphasizing.

Leafy green vegetables are top of the list, for example, kale, collard greens, romaine, spinach, tatsoi, arugula and dandelion greens, to name a few...

Vegetables, Fruits and Sprouts

Quinoa, millet and other gluten free whole grains

Tumeric, ginger,(nature’s best anti-inflammatory herbs) and other herbs

Sea Salt, Celtic Salt or Himalayan Salt

Nuts and seeds, especially almond, hemp, sunflower, Brazil, sesame & chia

Healthy Gluten free alternatives

Healthy Oils and Fats like coconut oil, hemp oil and avocados